Looking For: Bus Ride West End of Chester
Posted Thursday, February 18, 2010 12:05 AM

Created By Mary Pat Brooks

Remembering that we did not have School Buses in 1956/57, we had to take Chester's Local Bus to School. I remember Helena Huzva, Joyce Bringle, taking this daily trip to Chester and many times the bus would not pick us up if the bus was too crowded, Of course, this mostly happened on rainy and snowy days. I waited at the corner of 2nd & Highland Ave. and would love to refresh my memory of other classmates who shared this daily ride with me. Also, the ride home was even more adventuous as we had to walk to Lincoln's Store in town to make our return trip home. Luckily, we did enjoy window shopping in those days as it helped pass the time while waiting for a bus to take us home. Hope to hear from you. Mary Pat Brooks