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02/03/10 11:49 AM #1    

Bob Ennamorato

Welcome to the Chester High School Class Of 1960 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/26/10 06:00 PM #2    

Bill Hazelton

Bob, thank you for letting me know about this website (chesterhigh1960). It was really interesting to visit this site, although when I visited "In Memory", I had to stop. Far too many familiar names, both classmates and friends now gone, some were friends at Smedley, and one in particular, Granny Lash, was a friend from grade school. I first met Granny in 1954 or so, when I first moved to Chester. I've often wondered what had become of a number of classmates, and now I know, not the kind of news I would ever want. My condolences to the families and friends of Howard Bloom, Lefty Holland, Herb June, Granny Lash Clement Reed and Brian Zeitzeff.

I will continue to visit this site, and hopefully reconnect with friends from long ago.
Thanks again, Bill Hazelton

03/01/10 10:02 PM #3    

Bob Ennamorato

Thanks Bill. You are right, the "In Memory" page can be tough but when we think back on all of the good memories we have of our deceased classmates, it soothes the pain.

Our website is still a work in progress with many new features still to be added. The best way to enjoy it is to bookmark it and check in often.

When we are done, classmates will be able to chat live with each other, view our Yearbook and a lot of other things.


03/03/10 08:53 PM #4    

Bob Ennamorato

We are working on that right now. Should have shortly. We are blending our mailing list from the various Reunion committies; classmates on Classmates.Com; classmates on Facebook; and classmates on the website. Once we have put all of that together, we will know who we don't have.

There is a "Missing Classmates" function on the website but it will list everyone who has not filled out a profile rather than those we have nothing on.

09/24/10 10:01 AM #5    

Bill Brown

I am sorry to miss the reunion.  I returned from one trip the end of Aug., and depart again early Nov., so it would have been difficult to squeeze a trip in.  (Yes, life is good, as a retired person!) Of course, since I have most of my family there, it is 2 weeks at a minimum.  It turns out that I had arthroscopic knee sugery Wed., so my decision to skip this trip turned out for the best. I need to recover by Nov., as this trip is to AU., where my son and family live, and I really miss our 2 grand children there. I want to be able to get the most out of this visit.

One the other side, we have 2 children and families here, which is great. Attached is a video in which our 13 year old granddaughter, Justine, peforms.  I think it is really cute.



10/28/10 12:48 PM #6    

Jan Jenkins (Gordon)

After going to the reuion I received info from David Jones on courses for addiction and recovery programs.   Because of his help I have almost finished the courses.   It is quite good.  Since my son died from an addicition I am hoping to help addicts and recovering addicts.  It was a wonderful reunion and I felt I was meant to be there..


Thanks for a wonderful time...


Jan Jenkins Gordon 

12/26/10 10:13 AM #7    

Bill Hazelton

I just read in the Delco Times that another of our classmates has passed on.  Carl Blanton passed away this last week.  My condolences to his family.

01/06/11 07:59 PM #8    

Bob Ennamorato


That is great! There was something about this reunion. More people seemed to connect and get more out of it than I can ever remember. Good luck with your work.


Thanks for the information on Carl Blanton.


08/10/11 03:34 PM #9    


Robert Taylor

Hi all, Just found this site recently and only yesterday was able to enter data and such. It is wonderful, after all these years to be able to be in touch with the guys and gals I grew up with. While reviewing the classmates list I came upon Charlie Bakers name. He was from Eyre Park. I seem to remember that he and another classmate (whose name slips from memory now) were in a fatal motorcycle accident on MacDade Blvd in Woodlyn, PA shortly after graduation. My memory is vague on the details and was wondering if any of you remember about this. Someone mentioned Shooster’s. How many remember the Rainbow Diner on 9th St. and Linton’s on Kerlin St. or nearby?. I have many fond memories of growing up in Chester. Wasn’t it Great! Bob

Update:  Barbara Greenstein was in touch and answered my question.  The other classmate was Butch Wyatt who died in the accident.  However, Charlie was injured but managed to pull through. 


02/02/14 11:49 AM #10    

Jan Jenkins (Gordon)

I am looking for Caroline (Cookie) Lobb, has anyone have any info on her???

01/15/15 02:32 PM #11    

Winnifred Ford (Bergdoll)

Just ended up here,I'm not sure how or why.  "Classmates" insists I belong to the class of '65.  Been looking for Joyceann Jones since '60.  She is from our class but not on any list, including missing.  Hello to all! Winky Ford Bergdoll

01/17/18 11:11 AM #12    

Winnifred Ford (Bergdoll)








Still not a single word on classmate, Joyceann Jones.  She lived in Sun Village,  had an older brother Tim, and a younger sister Mary Lou (I think).  Her Mom was a nurse and Joyceann went to nursing school.  Her younger sister worked for State Farm Ins. around the mid 60's.  Word was Tim went to California to live.  We were good friends thru Smedley and Chester High.  She worked at a pharmacy around PMC.  Sadly she left right away for nursing school and we lost touch.  I'd appreciate any news you have.  Thank You! We even failed 11th grade together!

Winky Ford Bergdoll

11/26/18 02:00 PM #13    

Alan Louwerse

For those of you who knew my brother Barry, Class of 1958, I am sad to inform that Barry passed away on Sep 8.


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