Missing Classmates

This is a list of classmates for whom we do not have current information. If anyone on the list sees this, please advise your current address and email address as soon as possible. We are trying to compile a Master List of information on all classmates so we can communicate with them with Newsletters and announcements from time to time. The list will also allow classmates to communicate with each other between Reunions.

If you know anyone on the list, please ask them to provide the information or if you have any information about them, please let us know.

Thornton Bailey

Rose Beck                                                     

Maryene Groton (Becker)                              

Dorothy Boulware

Joe Chambers

John Chambers

Monica Cherry

Francis Chester

Frank Closkey

Janet Falkie

Susan Feinberg

Lois Flowers

Betty Flynn

John Foy

John Gibbs

Barry Haigh

Geraldine Hall

John Hinderhofer

Barbara Hughes

Sandra Johnson

Donald Kearney

Karen Keller

Louise Muscella

Sharon Palmer (Jones)

Walter Kozak

Louise Little

Janet Loveland

June Loveland

Elizabeth MacNight

Bessie Mathis

Diana Mingledoff

Dave Murray

Jane Patterson

Barbara Phillips

Jeanne Reinoehl

Theodore Showell

Thomas A. Smith

Paul St. Germain

Maxine Stansbury

Alfred Stiscia

John Thompson

Charles W. Turner

Cora Turpin

Ronald Wallace

Doris Washington

Edna West

Charles Williams

Stanley Wisnewski